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Unfortunately We Do Not Undertake Valuations

Unfortunately we do not undertake appraisals, authentications, or valuations, so are unable to value your Peter Scott print or original artwork.

This is mainly due to the large number of requests we have received over the years via the internet for free valuations, and because an accurate valuation can only be provided on sight of an artwork, which makes it possible to correctly identify and assess the item, its condition, quality, and other important factors.

As a general rule, the most desirable Sir Peter Scott prints are those which he has personally signed. They normally have a pencil signature (usually in the margin outside the actual image area), as well as the printed signature which forms part of the image.

Prints which only have a printed signature within the image are not classed as signed prints.

Sir Peter Scott was arguably the most famous and popular British artist of the 20th Century, so unsigned prints of his work were produced in huge numbers. Unfortunately these reproductions only have value as decorative items - in other words they have little or no value.

Original Peter Scott artworks have very good values, as might be expected.

If you do require a valuation, you could approach a good local auction house, or any art dealer who offers valuations for their advice, or search the internet for one of the online art valuation/art appraisal services that now operate on the Net.

Hopefully this information has been of some assistance to you.

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