Peter Scott Prints

Sir Peter Scott Signed Limited Edition Prints

Peter Scott Prints

A list of the majority of the signed limited edition Peter Scott prints. While most of the prints published were of ornithological subjects, including some published posthumously and signed by the artist's widow, Lady Scott, prints of other wildlife subjects were also produced, as well as one WW2 aviation print.

Prints Published by Arthur Ackermann and Son Ltd.

Greylags Rounding Up To Settle

Image size: 14 inches high x 20 inches wide. 35.6 cm high x 50.8 cm wide.

Prints Published by Mill Pond Press Inc.

Canada Geese Arriving Out of a Mist

Image size: 19.3 inches high x 28.3 inches wide. 49 cm high x 72 cm wide.
Edition of 950

Canada Geese Coming to the Marsh

Image size: 16.9 inches high x 20.5 inches wide. 43 cm high x 52 cm wide.
Edition of 950

Prints Published by The Medici Society Ltd.

The Medici Society published two signed Peter Scott editions in the 1930s, and many unsigned editions over the years. A list of the unsigned Peter Scott reproduction prints published by The Medici Society may be viewed here.

Brent Geese Flighting Under a Mackerel Sky

Brent Geese Flighting Under a Mackerel Sky

Image size: 16 inches high x 24 inches wide. 40.6 cm high x 61 cm wide.
Signed edition published 1937.

Taking to Wing

Taking to Wing

(Norfolk Spring Shovelers and a pair of Garganey Teal)
Image size: 13.75 inches high x 22 inches wide. 34.9 cm high x 55.9 cm wide.
Signed edition published 1936.

Prints Published by Countryman Prints Ltd.

Published by The Gloucestershire Arthritis Trust

Published by The Wildfowl Trust, Slimbridge

Other Peter Scott Signed Prints

About a Dozen More Arrived in the Afternoon - Tundra Swan

Image size: 15 inches high x 20.1 inches wide. 38 cm high x 51 cm wide.

Seven Landed in the Shallow Water and Started at Once to Preen - Ross' Goose

Image size: 14.8 inches high x 20.1 inches wide. 37.5 cm high x 51 cm wide.
Edition of 100

Whooper Swans at Morning Flight

Image size: 19.7 inches high x 26.4 inches wide. 50 cm high x 67 cm wide.
Edition of 250

Courtship in Loch Ness

Image size: 8.7 inches high x 10 inches wide. 22 cm high x 25.5 cm wide.
Signed. Numbered.
Edition of 500


Canada Geese

Image size: 8 inches high x 9.75 inches wide. 20.3 cm high x 24.8 cm wide.

Mallard Dropping In

Image size: 9.8 inches high x 7.9 inches wide. 25 cm high x 20 cm wide.

Pintails Going Fast

Image size: 9.8 inches high x 7.9 inches wide. 25 cm high x 20 cm wide.

Reproductions of Sketches From Peter Scott's 'Travel Diaries of a Naturalist'

Many small, signed reproductions of sketches and drawings featured in Sir Peter's three Travel Diaries of a Naturalist books were published in 'mini' editions.

Some of these prints were issued in editions of as few as 5 or 6 copies, while others were issued in edition sizes of a dozen or around two dozen copies.

The prints shown here are typical examples. Many of the prints featured birds, but other types of wildlife, such as mammals, fish, insects, and flora were also featured.

Sir Peter's diaries were disassembled to enable the pages to be scanned, then reassembled and rebound to the highest bookbinding and conservation standards when scanning was complete.

Colour and black and white scanning of the sketches was carried out by Alpha Reprographics Ltd., of Harefield.

Prints Signed by Philippa Scott (Lady Scott)

A number of Peter Scott paintings were reproduced posthumously in signed editions by Felix Rosenstiel's Widow & Son Ltd., Mill Pond Press Inc., and The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. They were signed by Sir Peter's widow, Lady Philippa Scott.

While every effort has been made to ensure the information on this site about Sir Peter Scott prints is comprehensive and accurate, there may nevertheless be some minor errors or omissions.

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