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As an extremely popular artist, reproductions of Sir Peter's work were always in great demand. Many prints were issued in open, unsigned editions by several publishers.

Probably the best known open editions were published by The Medici Society Ltd. An extensive list of the titles published by The Medici Society can be seen HERE.

Taking To Wing

Sir Peter Scott RSPCA 150th Anniversary Prints

A well-known edition of Peter Scott prints was issued to commemorate an RSPCA anniversary. Three reproduction prints of his wildlife drawings were published for Pedigree Petfoods to celebrate the RSPCA's 150th Anniversary year (1974).

The set featured a Spanish Lynx, a Hartmann's Mountain Zebra and a Giant Panda.

As such, these prints will have been produced in quite considerable numbers, so these unsigned, open edition prints only have value as decorative items - i.e. they have very little value, if any.

Peter Scott Spanish Lynx Print

Spanish Lynx Unsigned Print

Peter Scott Hartmann's Mountain Zebra Print

Hartmann's Mountain Zebra Unsigned Print

Peter Scott Giant Panda Print

Giant Panda Unsigned Print

Note: If you have any further information about these RSPCA commemorative prints, a promotional leaflet, the published price, the publication date, and so on, we would be pleased to hear from you.

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