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Pintails On A Hazy Day

Sir Peter Markham Scott: Pintails On A Hazy Day
The setting for this 1969 picture is the great marsh of the Coto DoƱana in the delta of the River Guadalquivir in southern Spain, where large numbers of northern ducks go in the winter. The Pintail was always one of Sir Peter's favourite ducks, and he enjoyed painting it for its elegance and distinctive plumage.
Artist Sir Peter Scott
Title Pintails On A Hazy Day
Medium Print. Signed Lithograph.
Image 14 x 21 inches, 36 x 53 cm.
Details Signed. After a painting dated 1969.
Edition 600
Published March 1970
Publisher Arthur Ackermann & Son Ltd.
Printer W. R. Royle and Son Ltd.
Price On application.

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