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Sir Peter Scott was an important and influential 20th Century ornithologist, naturalist, conservationist and broadcaster. He founded the Severn Wildfowl Trust at Slimbridge in 1946, and co-founded the World Wide Fund for Nature.

He was also a talented artist, whose wild bird paintings and drawings are immediately recognisable, and were imitated by several of his contemporaries.

Paintings and drawings by Peter Scott are much sought after today, and while his original paintings are valued beyond the means of many people, signed Peter Scott bird art prints are both affordable, and highly collectable.

Countless unsigned reproductions of Peter Scott works were also produced in various sizes, but these prints generally only have a low, modest value as decorative items. Unsigned prints are not available from, but the most notable examples are listed here.

'Signed' prints normally bear the artist's signature in pencil or ink in the blank margin around the actual image, or bear a real signature as well as the printed signature which forms part of the image. Prints which only have a printed signature within the image are not classified as 'signed' prints.

This Peter Scott Prints website features a selection of signed Peter Scott limited edition prints for sale. All currently available prints can be seen by clicking the Available Prints link at the top or bottom of each page.

If you are looking for a particular print, please get in contact to register your interest, and don't forget, we are long-established dealers, and we buy Peter Scott prints too.

The site also features information about Sir Peter Scott, and a comprehensive listing of all Scott's signed prints.

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